A new era for aspiring entrepreneurs: Unioncamere SNI platform goes online to assist those starting their own businesses

Rome, September 12, 2023 – Entrepreneurship is a vital driver for the Italian economy, with at least 300,000 individuals each year deciding to embark on the journey of starting their own businesses. This significant number could further increase if access to adequate support and guidance services for aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages, including young unemployed individuals seeking opportunities and those dissatisfied with their current employment situation, were made more accessible.

To address this growing need, a valuable resource has been created – the New Enterprises Service (SNI), a platform made available by Italian Chambers of Commerce with the support of Unioncamere. This initiative is designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the complex process of starting a new business. The platform is accessible at and is designed to offer both virtual and in-person services.

Among the key resources offered by the platform are 18 introductory seminars, information sessions, and guidance sessions until the end of next March. These seminars cover a wide range of entrepreneurial topics and provide a solid foundation for those beginning to explore the world of business. Additionally, there are 12 specialized information sessions related to specific sectors such as women-led businesses, migrants, innovative startups, and social enterprises.

The platform also offers the opportunity for initial orientation interviews and detailed information on entrepreneurial pathways. These interviews are designed to address the specific needs of the user, offering more technical consultations with chamber experts in various fields. A crucial aspect is that these activities take place both online and in-person to ensure maximum flexibility for users. In addition to these resources, the SNI portal provides two self-assessment tests: the Delfi test, which evaluates the entrepreneurial aptitude of the user, and the Ulisse test, which helps estimate the risk levels associated with the planned entrepreneurial activity.

At a time when entrepreneurship is crucial for economic recovery, the New Enterprises Service represents a significant step forward in supporting those who wish to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure in Italy. This initiative offers a comprehensive approach that combines information, guidance, and the necessary support to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the country’s economic development.

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