Davide Faraone denounces racist behavior in the Chamber against Soumahoro: “Parliament cannot tolerate such actions”

Rome, June 29, 2023 – During recent parliamentary sessions, lawmaker Davide Faraone raised a complaint regarding the behavior of some of his majority colleagues during the interventions of lawmaker Soumahoro. Through a message posted on Twitter, Faraone highlighted episodes that he describes as similar to stadium chants, jeering, and howling, manifestations reminiscent of racist behaviors sanctioned in sports environments.

Faraone, visibly outraged, expressed his deep concern about such actions, emphasizing that the Parliament, as a place of democracy, cannot tolerate behaviors that promote discrimination and racism. The video shared by Faraone on social media aims to support his statements and provide tangible evidence of what he has claimed.

The episode raised by Faraone raises important questions regarding the conduct of representatives and the democratic environment that is expected to be guaranteed within the Parliament. The behavior of some politicians, if confirmed, casts a negative light on national politics and raises questions about the need to strengthen conduct norms and ensure a respectful and inclusive atmosphere within democratic institutions.

Racism and discrimination have no place in a modern and evolved society, and certainly should not find space in the Parliament, where decisions that influence the lives of citizens are made and debated. The hope is that this denouncement by Davide Faraone leads to concrete action and greater awareness of the importance of creating an inclusive, respectful, and anti-racist environment within the Parliament and society as a whole. Only then can we build a truly inclusive democracy that promotes diversity and respect for all citizens.

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